Baghdad Double Mosque Bombing Killed Over 12 People, Several Wounded


Two suicide bombers detonated themselves without break in Shia worshippers, northwest of the Iraqi capital, in the result more than 12 people have been killed while several wounded, authorities reported media.


Baghdad police described reporters that two suicide attacker entered wearing explosive belts in the Rasul al-Azam mosque when worshipers were busy offering prayer, detonated themselves, left also more than 20 people injured in capital of Iraq.

If locals’ statements are to believed, one of the suicide bomber blew up himself among worshipers when they are on the way to mosque gate while the second attacker detonated his explosive vest targeting security forces who reached at holy building to help the victims, that what caused the more causalities.

Medical officials also confirmed the deaths while four of the victims were security forces’ personnel. Nonetheless ‘Rasul al-Azam’ mosque said to be one of the main holy places of Shia, though the militants used a technique to attack more Shia people as first was done among the crowd and second carried out when people were gathered to help the victims.

On the other hand, Iraq-Syria based one of the brutal Islamist fighter organization has claimed for responsibility for double suicide bombing in capital of Iraq.

The Islamic State fighters targeted the mosque after getting that Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr had ordered supporters to plan a protest in Baghdad and he would personally part of the eve.

The Shia cleric intended to gather its supporters in capital of Iraq as well requesting its community from other cities to attend the protest which planned to decide how to end corruption and improved public services in the country.

According to locals’ reports, thousands Shia people are anticipated to join the event but the suicide bombings have filled fear in all which were special planned to splash terror.