Bangkok Passenger Ship Explosion Injures 60 People


Suddenly an explosion occurred in engine on a Bangkok passenger ship though because of sudden fire, most of people leaped into water but flames wrapped about sixty people those were immediately taken to nearest hospital, locals reported media.


The ship were carrying so many passengers on a major canal on the eastern suburbs of the Thai capital that thought to be a largest network of waterways and during rush hour, people prefer to travel through the motorized commuter boats.

Officials from Bangkok’s Erawan emergency medical centre told media, those who were wounded badly in this explosion, two of them are Myanmar nationals, a Japanese, and three other foreigners, though most of the injured people were freed after complete treatment but 14 are being treated because of serious wounds.

However, when engine of commuter boat exploded, flying debris left two passengers seriously wounded, though the intensity of blast also left shook the boat badly, Sanit Mahathavorn who Bangkok police commissioner told media reporters.

Mahathavorn also added the passengers had to face heavy burns while the locals explained the incident occurred shortly after sunrise.

On the other side, police investigation demonstrated the fuel leak left the boat burnt, saying the gas leak began gradually at the boat and that what caused a blast in engine.

When the director of Family Transport which is a company that is running boat service, asked by the reporters about the incident, stated he had disallowed the use of liquefied natural gas to run the passenger ships, continued saying the company don’t have idea how the explosion happened.

Nevertheless, the investigated in being done and soon actual cause of incident would be in front of all, while the uncounted people travel through the boats daily in Bangkok at reportedly cheapest price of US$1 (S$1.37).