Bangladesh Police Launch Operation To Release Hostages From Restaurant, 6 Terrorist Killed


Bangladesh police sets an operation to free 20 hostages includes several foreign in an international restaurant Holey Artisan Restaurant situated at the area of Gushan in capital of Bangladesh Dhaka.


Holey Artisan Restaurant is situated at the embassy area of Dhaka in this restaurant all the foreign stay here do some rest and full fill their needs during the Friday afternoon the day is just like regular days everything is going as per routine but instantly.

some of the terrorist entered at the restaurant and hijacks the whole restaurant during this whole activity terrorist seal the whole building.

Some of the hostages try to escape and save their lives but terrorists don’t allow them to run and or escape and terrorist harass the guests and touchier those many of the hostages beg for their lives but terrorist even listen to a single person they also fired a person to make everybody keep quite.

During all this activity a call was made to the police and asked them to help than police of Bangladesh including some of the security agencies reach towards the restaurant as early as possible and make a security circle around the restaurant all the buildings near that restaurant are evacuated.

Because there are chances of a bomb blast and police had a news from intelligence agency that these terrorist also a backup plain at that time some of the police officers trice to enter at the building of Holey Artisan Restaurant.

Polices tries all sorts of ways to start a conversation from terrorist tries to knows that what are the demands of terrorist but the terrorist don’t communicate and the water level flows above the head and police entered the building and start firing in result of this firing 6 terrorists are killed including 5 hostages killed and also 30 peoples are injured.