Barack Obama Arrives In Cuba On A Historic Visit With Family


The 44th President of the United States decided to visit Cuba on historic visit alongside his family in 88 years, arrived on Sunday aimed opening at a new chapter in US engagement with the Communist government of island.


Mr. Barack Obama stepping down onto the red carpet in a light drizzle with wife first lady Michelle Obama with her mother their daughters as Sasha and Malia, while Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez warmly welcomed the family in homeland.

When the United States family landed Cuba light drizzling made their arrival more pleasant as they were enjoying the moment smiling broadly and holding umbrellas in their hands.

Before their landing of the presidential jet, strict security arrangement had already carried out at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport aboard Air Force One even senior politicians’ presence made their arrival most honorable.

United States president alongside family boarded a black armored limousine beautified with American and Cuban flags fluttering from the front and remained part of motorcade until reaching the location where they had to go.

Obama family’s historic three-day trip is the first by a US president to Cuba in 88 years which believed to be culmination of a diplomatic opening announced by Cuban President Raul Castro and Obama in December 2014 by ending Cold War-era estrangement, started when the Cuban revolution drove a pro-American regime in 1959.

The American president will say good bye its nation in end of 2016, has neglected a longtime United States strategy of attempting to isolate a large Caribbean island nation under communist rule but now decided to shape his movement irreversible.

However, the Democratic president’s critics at home speak the trip is early, while huge obstacles play massive role to normalize relationships.