Barack Obama Desires To Become Next General Secretary Of UN


Washington: American president Barack Obama attended a press conference in which he says, I want to get the position of next general secretary of United Nations.


According to a news report, US leader Barack Obama presented a big wish in front of media in which he showed the feelings of next general secretary of UN. Another famous personality named Benjamin Netanyahu also determined about getting of that position.

President of super power named Barack Obama was born on 4 August 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii and graduated from famous Columbia University along with many friends. Now, he is serving as 44th president of America and first African who took that position in history.

Barack Obama will complete his duration of powers early in future and he wants to become the next General Secretary of United Nations first time in his life. Prime Minister of Israel named Benjamin Netanyahu also determined to gave defeat in selecting UN main secretary in competition with American President.

Benjamin Netanyahu also took the information about the next purpose of Barack Obama and got the support of some Arab countries for the purpose of winning the election or voting for next general secretary of United Nations but any program did not open by American management.

In those days, Israel and America do not take good relations because Obama wants only the ministry of his country in whole world. Iran also trying to get final release from US in result of that might be Benjamin Netanyahu will win the seat of general secretary.

American media said that Barack Obama will retire from his position that’s why he also completed all necessary steps to get that seat for the help of Democratic-Republican Parties and other powerful Jewish officials but final competition will see on the day of voting.