Barack Obama Says No One Is More Able To Carry Responsibility Of America Than Hillary Clinton


PHILADELPHIA: President Barack Obama during addressing the Republican Party after the win of Hillary Clinton he said that no one is more able than Hillary Clinton to manage the office and responsibilities of President, this time she is going to make history by becoming the female president of America.


United States President Barack Obama while addressing the Republican Party after the historical victory of Hillary Clinton and said that she is the only one who is able to understand the matters of America and she has the strength to keep United States a unite nation as she always send message of peace and love.

Talking about Hillary Clinton’s opponent in November Donald J. Trump Obama said that he always give message to fuel up the thoughts of hate and division in public mind he is might be a billionaire but he don’t knows that how nation is run.

Further Obama includes that no one is able to know the responsibilities of a President only that person can feel that stress who sit behinds that desk talking abound that desk is very easy but to full fill the demands of that desk is not a cup of tea for everybody.

While when you are sitting behind that the responsibilities of whole nation lies on your shoulders and when the moment of taking decision of life and death is very difficult your one false decision can destroy the whole nation.

While the all situations are faced by Clinton she is who is always me in and help me in taking these type of serious decisions. No one is more able than Hillary to fell that stress and cay on the responsibility of Nation as she is fully aware and form the entire situation in the present era no one seems more able than her to sit behind that desk.