Barack Obama Support Hillary Clinton In Presidential Campaign Video Message Release


American President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton in his web video on Thursday Hillary Clinton is nominated for president ship she if the representative of Democratic Party in this upcoming election.


Summary of Barack Obama’s tweet that according to Obama’s point of view there is no one such qualified personality to hold this office she is one who has that guts to manage and successfully run this office.

Barack Obama says that I want those people with me in leadership who has spent a lot of time with me and Hillary Clinton is one of those who is with me since my starting in Political carrier we both have seen all the ups and downs together face all the crises together also takes many important decisions through discussion with each other.

Further Barack Obama includes that I am fired up and I can’t wait to start this promotion and campaign with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton was standing against the Donald Tump for the president ship in America in the last election Hillary Clinton was defeated by Donald Trump with 2 percent and that was a very shocking moment that Hillary Clinton was defeated after this defeat all the members of Democratic Party were shocked.

After this shocking moment Barack Obama was involved in the promotion campaigns of Hillary Clinton as members of Democratic Party don’t want to take any risk.

Barack Obama have a great fan following in among the public of America so it was political stunt to drag Obama in campaigns as public loves Barack Obama they will definitely vote for Hillary Clinton because Obama was supporting her.

According to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest there is no schedule was set for any Campaign on the other side Obama announced that on next week in Green Bay he is going to do first campaign with Hillary Clinton.