Barack Obama Visit U.S. Mosque, Muslims Presented True Way For Real Success


Washington: American president Barack Obama made first visit to a Mosque first time in history and disprove anti-Muslim expressions; he said that Muslims also playing vital role for progress of United States.

Barack Obama Visit U.S. Mosque, Muslims Presented True Way For Real Success

First time in United State’s history, American president Barack Obama supported to all Muslim community by making his visit to a Mosque along with senior government authorities in which he said that attack on Islam is hit to all other religious faiths so, any body does not try to reduce the importance of Muslims.

Famous candidate of next president of United States named Donald Trump and many other Republican contenders do not want advertisement of Islam but Barack Obama proved these all statements false. He advised to American people about safety of Islam and all other faiths because that is necessary for peaceful climate in whole world.

Another news report told Obama presented positive attitude of Muslims and Islam in front of public and said that Islam gave lesson of peace but many terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) making wrong use of Islamic thoughts but we shall control all these freedom fighters for the help of Muslims.

In those days, American and NATO forces are fighting with militants for decreasing terrorism in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. In whole world, all people of Non Muslim communities’ believed that only Muslims did not want peace so, American president barrack Obama ignored these blames on Muslims.

Obama also made special meeting with Muslim parents and children who worried about removing from United States in result of Muslim tag but president gave complete satisfaction about residency and requested to all other people about giving complete support because Muslims also faith on One God and on Holy Quran and they followed the complete rules and regulation for progress of America.