Barack Obama Welcomes Southeast Asian Leaders to Make Strong Relations


The President of United States of America Barack Obama got together Southeast Asian leaders for a California desert retreat as well to find the solution how to make balance China’s increasing strength in the region.


While 10 ASEAN countries’ representatives were invited by US President at Sunnylands which is an isolated and extensive resort and thought to Obama’s most favorite since Dwight Eisenhower.

The meeting has aim to plan some strategies which will force China over capturing a piece of land in the South China Sea, while the US president commenced the conference saying a US-ASEAN ‘shared goal of building a regional order were all nations play by the same rules.’

The 44th President of the United States is going to say good bye his ruling next year hence has championed a foreign policy pivot to Asia under his presidency as well has the intention to present the United States as a Pacific power before leave.

By addressing to leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Obama said the move is his personal commitment also the United States commitment and he want to design better and durable ties with 10 nations.

In past, Obama once held a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at same location which was aim to plan to make obvious role of Washington as a counterbalance to Beijing as well to bid trading partnerships with ASEAN members.

Nevertheless, Susan Rice who is National Security Adviser of White House explained talking to media reporters that American companies had approximately invested double money in the region since 2008.

The leaders have talked on economic issues on Monday as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal regarding discussions which contains four ASEAN members such as Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.