Barack Obama Will Visit Cuba Next Week After 55 Years


Washington: After more than clash of 55 years between US and Cuba, the Relations are going to restore once again and US President Barrack Obama will visit Cuba next week.


According to the reports of foreign news agency it is stated that the President of America Barrack Obama will visit Cuba next week and it will be the historical visit and He is very excited for this Visit because in last 55 years no President of US has visited Cuba due to Clashes.

After the Resolution of Cuba in 1959 no President of US has visited Cuba and it was the first time that the president of US to visit the Cuba since last time, Former US Chief Colonel Colleagues visited Cuba in 1928.

The President of US Barrack Obama met with the President of Cuba in December 2014 and after that the relations between these two Countries come to the way after 55 years.

After that in July 2015 the relation came to the way on proper way between Cuba and America and The administration said that the visit of President Obama to follow up the commercial relations between the two countries are seeking is of utmost importance.

Keep in the mind that after joining of Soviet Union and in the Era of the Fidel Castro in the tear 1959, the America has been imposed on the Cuba relations due to the resolution in Cuba in 1959.

The relations between the America and Cuba became very unfortunate due the great Resolution in Cuba in 1959 now they are opening their Embassies in each other’s Country and they said that it is very important occasion for both of the Countries to increase the trade between these countries after 59 years.