Beautiful Miley Cyrus Magnificently Drop An F Bomb In Live Show On TV


Controversial beautiful singer Miley Cyrus left all the viewers of TV in Shock when she dropped the F-Bomb in live Show as she appeared in a live show today when by chance she expressed the expletive.


Miley Cyrus which is famous for her beautiful singing as well as she is also known as most controversial lady as she appeared in a TV show for promoting the new season of The Voice and also her new Woody Allen TV Series for Amazon the she was dropped by the Today Show live.

As accidentally she was in the engineering room and camera man live shot eh Miley as she was also not told that her microphone is still in the working constitutions so then she said a bunch of gibberish.


Because she thinks that no one is able to hear her voice and after that she made a silly face by her tongue and shouted out Fuck as she points out that there is no sound so God Bless live TV.

She also explained in her comments during her interview that she presently made Elle about why she will never walk a red carpet again therefore she has decided not to walk on the red carpet again because she said that she feel much uncomfortable when photographers say that Blow us a Kiss.


Therefore she said that she don’t like to blow kiss to anyone, as beautiful singer mostly in the news for her dressing style. So question about her marriage.

She explained that she don’t plan too much for her marriage with her boy friend as she was engaged with her boy friend Liam Hemsworth in 2012 after that they split in 2013 but they started their romance again in 2015 so she has strong plan to tie the knot with him.