Belgian Terror Police Raid in Brussels Apartment Kills a Gunman


Belgian police carried out an anti-terror raid belonged to previous year’s Paris worst assault in a Brussels region, in the result a gunman was killed as well about four police officers were slightly wounded during the shooting, officials reported media.


The special operation was launched by Belgian and French officers, while police suddenly stormed a residence though suspects also answered bravely officers shooting though one of the gunmen died during the action, an official described.

Police has discovered dead body of gunman at Brussels apartment on Tuesday nearly evening, while the joint French and Belgian anti-terrorism group has been investigating one of the worst attacks in Paris history that left 130 people dead hence seeking suspects raided at about 2.30pm a residence in the quiet region of Forest in the south-west of Brussels.

The French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve told media reporters that joint police squad stormed suspects using heavy weapons.

The raid injured three of the police officers, though one of the wounded undergoing serious condition as a bullet hit in the ear and head. However, one more battle reportedly occurred about in wake of two hours nearly after 6pm, four officers were injured in a range of shootings.

On the other hand, a police spokeswoman explained French television, in the mid-afternoon at end of the shooting gunmen remained successful escaping from the raided apartment in Brussels.

Those police men were part of the operation, wore balaclavas as well submachine guns facing expected risks¸ while suddenly roads were blocked by the authorities even ordered residents to stay in their residences.

Nevertheless, officers also informed the staff of two primary schools and crèches near where the shootouts occurred. The police also strictly ordered reporters don’t try to make video and photos.