Belgium A Passenger Train Collapse With Freight Train, 3 Passengers Dead 9 Injured


At late night in Eastern Belgium a fast moving passenger train was collapse with a slow moving freight train and in the result of this collusion 3 passengers were dead and 9 passengers were shifted to the hospital.


This accident of two trains was reported just after few hours of lightning report and it reported that due to lightning the signals of railway track were disturbed and the driver of passenger train was unable to know that the Freight train was front of him and in result if this systemic error due to natural disaster these both trains were collapse.

This accident was done in Hermalle-Sous-Huy, a hamlet on the Meuse River on Sunday at 11 pm the passenger train was travelling with 60 mph speed and on the other hand the freight train was travelling with 6 to 9 mph speed.

That passenger train hits that freight train from back side, in earlier report that freight train was not moving it was standing on the line because the driver was confused due to lightning he was not getting any signal or dictation from the head office.

A statement from Francis Dejon, mayor of St. Georges-sur-Meuse said that 9 passengers were in a very critical condition and is hospitalized and other 12 passengers were treated on the spot because they are just injured send sent to their homes.

The passenger train was with 6 buggies and first 2 buggies are damage badly and the condition of first buggy was undescribable it was totally damaged 4 buggies came off from the tack only 2 buggies remains left on the railway line.

In further investigation it was not cleared that the driver of passenger train had applied breaks or not and the investigation was still going on.