Belgium Charged Two Men, Arrested Three Involving Paris Attacks


Two men have been charged over deadly bombings in Brussels and security forces also detained three other involving the Paris attacks, authorities said in statement.


Belgian authorities released a statement on Tuesday that they have charged two men linking the Brussels attacks and also have taken into custody three other in Brussels supposed to be suspects of Paris attacks.

Security forces raided in Uccle, an upscale district of the Belgian capital early hours Tuesday and detained the three associated to the Paris attacks while a judge will make a decision on 13 April, 2016 whether or not these three persons should stay behind bars.

Nonetheless, the Belgian authorities didn’t release more information about the investigation though a statement from Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office, indentified those two have been charged, Smail F and Ibrahim F, both have hired a an apartment in the Etterbeek area of Brussels which reported to be secret place for the militants who are part of the Brussels subway on 22 March and a suspected partner in crime.

According to authorities, those bombers who were involved in attack on the French capital, carried out on 13 November as well left 130 people dead and wounded dozens, have been using Brussels as hideout for months and having plots to launch more attacks in Europe coming days.

Those have been charged, were involved 22 March suicide bombings which shot dead 32 at the Brussels subway and the Brussels Airport, Belgian and French investigators told reporters.

On the other side, federal magistrate Thierry Werts explained that security forces have taken into their custody six people in Belgium and charged with connection in the Brussels bombings, as well as two found guilty on Tuesday.

Thierry Werts, a federal magistrate, told on Tuesday that Belgian authorities have arrested about eight as well as key suspect Salah Abdeslam those related to the Paris attacks.