Belgium Releases Three Paris Attacks Suspects Following Probe


Belgian security forces had taken into their custody three people as suspects of the Paris attacks and investigated them but in wake of finding them sinless, released, prosecutors told media.


The security forces of Brussels suddenly raided in one of its districts Uccle on early hours Tuesday and arrested three people as suspect of the Paris attacks, in which about 130 persons were targeted by launching heavy explosives at Brussels Airport and in the Brussels subway on March 22 this year.

The Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office released on Wednesday a statement in which, none of these suspects were not found guilty.

However, Krayem is suspected who was seen on CCTV and being part of the suicide bombers’ plan earlier than attack at the Brussels metro on 22 March as well he was with the militants from Islamic States when collecting the holdalls to use it in attacks then.

Belgian security forces also arrested two key suspects on 8 April, 2016 linking to the Islamic State attacks on Paris and Brussels during their raids which were launched tracking down Islamist fighters who have been acting upon their leaders’ direction from Syria.

Mohamed Abrini who believed to be helped preparing the November 13 violence and shooting attack that left 130 people in the French capital, has been arrested along side two other, prosecutors told media.

However, the investigators are trying to confirm that is he was with bombers, seen with CCTV camera at the Brussels airport before suicide bombings on 22 March. Although the 31-year-old Abrini was detained by the police officers close to the Molenbeek, is one of the municipalities in Brussels and remained involved in other crimes.

Belgium and French security forces have been trying to track down all militants belonging to Islamic States and living in nation because they are the huge risk for people as well government.