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Best Hotels In New York Near Central Park

New York is an absolutely breathtaking city. A city visited by millions of people every day from all around the globe. This city marks the borough where the Atlantic Ocean meets the city. It is situated near Teterboro and the Hudson River, the river which is famous for floating a flight which went straight into the river due to engine malfunction.

Anyways, it is a living city, with awe-inspiring sights and amusement parks. The city us famous for almost everything and the exotic sites it possesses. Central Park is the busiest and the most engaging part of the entire New York City.

It is the favorite location for tourists and the main goal of a visitor is to visit the central park. The following are the Best Hotels in New York near Central Park.

Situated right at the center of Columbus Circle and Broadway, This exotic residence facility resides a mere 5-minute walk from the central park. The main features for which it is famous are the luxury restaurants and motel rooms.

Rooms at Trump International New York are equipped with large windows providing flabbergasting views of the city and the main location of the central park. Rooms are classically decorated and come with flat TV screens and DVD technology. The kitchenette is made up of a dining room with mouth-watering culinary items. The washrooms are covered with shiny marble.

The luxury of this hotel is ascertained in the huge spa it offers. The Spa measures a whopping 6,000 square feet and is meant for delighting its customers with extra-ordinary services. The spa offers fitness clubs and a relaxing environment. Various beauty preparations and massage centers are a part of this spa.

New York Trump International is excessively close to the Radio City Music Hall. Central Park Zoo is also one kilometer away and LaGuardia Airport is 16.1 km from the hotel.

Whitby hotel is precisely 483 meters from the main central city park and is located in the upper midtown Manhattan. This hotel is a walking distance from the prominent sides of the including Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman. For the satisfaction of its customers and as a part of loyal business, this hotel provides its customers with free Wi-Fi as a complementary gesture.

Rooms are complemented by interior décor services and are specifically designed for satisfaction. Private terraces are offered for limited rooms, providing a panorama view of the Manhattan skyline. Interiors have been designed by Kit Kemp.

The plaza is another famous hotel in the city. Located right in the middle of the central park and is immensely popular among the tourists for gentle staff and location. The hotel is situated in the premises of the central park and is renowned among every visitor.

This hotel welcomes the guests with a complimentary American breakfast. The breakfast is out of the world and is very much appreciated by the guests. The hotel is rated at a whopping 9.5 rating and is very much liked for the staff it has employed.

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