Beyonce Hand Of Jay Z Presenting True Picture Of Love


World famous Pop singer Beyonce till now is on the journey of world tour as her target is to cover the whole glob by performing on different pieces of lands and this journey of Beyonce is going on along with this journey she is also paying some time to his family.


Beyonce is most popular female singers but with this professional life of a celebrity she also possess a personal life everybody knows that Beyonce is one of the top most married celebrity and she is married to Jay Z who is also one of the most famous rappers as well as she is mother of a little angle named as Blue Lvy.

Along with busy routine Beyonce takes out some time for her family and spend a whole weekend with his family in France here is not like a celebrity here she is just like a lady love which is deeply in love with her better half Jay Z.


Beyonce loves her fans very much and wanted to update her fans every moment so she uploaded her all pictures of World Tour performance along with the pictures of memorable and lovely moments which se spend with her family by holding hand of his husband on Instagram.

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In these pictures this world famous pop star is enjoying some lovely moments in the middle of mediterranean sea by holding hands of her hubby one of the most famous picture of Beyonce on social media is that where is walking having hand in the hand of his husband.


Showing of her natural beauty and curves in a large maxi type dress In this Beyonce is clearly showing off her breast by wearing shades and walking bare footed on the Harbor of France with Jay Z.