Beyonce Successfully Earns 123 Million Dollars By Ticket Selling Of Concerts In North America


Beyonce is one of the famous pop singers of the world this pop singer is now the icon of pop singing in the world this pop singer Beyonce is famous in front of her fans for her dancing talent and rocking melodious voice now beyonce is set on a world tour to please her fans.


Till now Beyonce is performing in North America and Canada due to these performances this pop singer sells a lot of tickets of her concerts and successfully earn a huge amount of money through which she able to become one of the most successful and rich singers during her performances in North America she earned 123 million dollars just from ticket selling.

This famous sorry singer arranged a schedule to perform in different big famous cities of North America as well as in Canada according to this schedule she decided to perform 32 shows and throw these 32 shows she has earned a lot of bank balance and these one after another 32 performances of Beyonce stated in April and end in July successfully.


After performing in this series of shows Beyonce become one of the rich tourist singer, tour of Beyonce started from Miami where she perform her first show at Florida on 27 April, 2016 and with this first show the series of shows is started.

other 31 shows are arranged in different regions such as Chicago, Houston, Toronto and Beyonce performed her last concert in New York on 14 June 2016 as the streaks is continued but Bayonce takes a break from concerts.


According to the bill board Beyonce after seeing that how fans are crazy about her she decided to increase the numbers of shows now she is going to perform 34 concerts and till now she has performed in 23 concerts and these 23 shows are attended by 9,72,719 fans this huge amount of fans shake the bill board.