Big Terrorist Plan Failed In France, 2 Man Arrested By Police


Paris: French securities agencies took two terrorist from south western part Orleans who made plan about big attack on police force and Army, both were shifted to special investigation cell.

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According to a news report, last day in Paris, Police caught two rebels who made preparation about a big hit on police and other security agencies. In south western part of France ‘Orleans’, two French men want to destroy the police station and army headquarter in radical activity.

French Interior Minister says in media, last day security agencies caught two freedom fighter from south western component and shifted in to unknown place and special officers investigated about other plans to terrorists.

The major thing is that, recently, France got heavy losses in result of terrorism in which more than hundred had people died and above 300 got serious injuries. These two man, aged 20 and 24, first 20 years old man was unknown for police but second man also known by police because he involved in many illegal matters.

Police sources and other security agencies in Paris told in front of media, these two men were French nationals also and they want to make a harsh attack on police and security enterprises.

Last month in Paris, Islamic militants had made 10 attacks on French public and they killed almost 130 people and now police also tries to catch the master mind who involved in all activities held in France.

Two days back in France, dozens of masked Belgian police stormed a house who predominately a Muslim district for their hunt Mr. Abdeslam but police failed to take any evidence from that Muslim and other two men who stayed along with in Brussels.