Bigg Boss Season 10: Nitibha Kaul Stood Against Lopamudra Raut


Salman Khan’s live reality show Bigg Boss Season 10 has twisted a lot as Twitterati has argued to knock out Nitibha Kaul as she stood against Lopamudra Raut, she earned much hate by viewers over conflict with Lopamudra Raut.


Bigg Boss Season 10 is turning in a much twisted manner, last night commoner Nitibha Kaul has earned a lot more hatred from viewers for her antics especially for her last night episode. The Twitterati has annoyed much with Nitibha Kaul and asked Salman Khan to eradicate the commoner.

As the days go by, the show Bigg Boss Season 10 that has broadcast in air on Colors TV is getting more complicated, the strict rules in this turn because hostilities now will have to face common contestant to a peak.

In last night 16th episode, host Salman Khan introduces a luxury budget for house mentioned as “Raja or Runk” in which India wale who are commoners was to play the royals and celebrities while the other groups of celebrities have to work under royals.

The godman Swami Om become Rajah and Nitibha Kaul was played the character of his wife and all other contestants lock up into jail however, the other roles such as “Angrakshak” played by Bani J while Gaurav Chopra was donned cap of “Vizier”.

The Bigg Boss House has given special costumes to Rajah and other mates which they have to wear while doing their task on a live television reality show.

At a particular moment, Team celebrity got a chance to turn table on commoners who become royals through a secret task, in this secret task they have to capture common folk in least 12 moments.

Everything was going steadily well but the viewers irked by Nitibha’s double standard.


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