Blackberry Has Finally Pulls The Plug On To Manufacture SmartPhones After 14 Years


The BlackBerry Company has announced its plan to pull the plug on the manufacture business by concentrating on Android device as they are not trying to build their own operating system and turned to manufacture Android devices.


The BlackBerry company has announced an important notice that they are giving off to manufacture their own operating system devices and choose a better option of introducing BlackBerry Android devices that completely compatible with Android Apps.

There will arrive a time of BlackBerry 10 death soon because it become the last phone of BlackBerry Company with their operating system.

The Canadian Company BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen had announced in the past, the company forced to exit the handsome manufacturing business if they don’t make money, so the big reason is to give up the handset with their own operating system is the money and now the company CEO pledged to become the no.1 Android manufacturer company soon.

BlackBerry tried best to maintain their standard with consumers but the rising market of Apple’s iPhones beats the company with much bigger margin, consumers was feeling ease with using Apple’s operating system instead of BlackBerry, due to this cause the company bear a lot more loss with their smart phones.

BlackBerry is shutting down their QWERTY standard handset business next year in July, company has acknowledged it failed attempts and now they will refocus on better strategy to save much cost.

BlackBerry beard the loss of $ 371 in last three months and the profit of the company is only $ 51 dollar in particular year of 2015.

The Canadian company had revealed a new handset few months back which is the first and only Android Smartphone that name as BlackBerry Priv however; the company has sold only 600,000 smart phones during the period of three months till March.