Boko Haram: 123 Militants Killed With Joint Military Operation By Niger Forces And Chad


The joint offensive by Niger force and Chad was continue from 3 months after the attack the surprise attack of militants in which more than 30 Nigerian troops killed, therefore reported to kill at least 123 militants during 3 months operation.


According to the forces Nigeria that a joint operation was conduction between Chad and Nigerian forces three months ago in July after the surprise attack of Militants in June which killed more than 30 Nigerian Troops, Defense Ministry tell that great quantity of weapons were recovered from the militants till 30th of September.

So, this offensive was started by two African Countries three months ago in July against Islamic group after bloody attack by the militants and it is reported that it was deadliest attack in the history of Boko Haram because more than 30 Nigerian were killed in this attack.

Spokes Person of Nigerian Defense Ministry told to Television news agency that 2 militants are captured while 123 militants are killed as a result of three month joint operation by Chad and Nigerian forces.

He further told that in this combat operation against militants, 14 troops from Nigeria and Chad killed while 39 troops suffered from some kind of injuries and in separate offensive by Nigerian Forces.

They also recaptured four strategic localities of militants in which one is north-eastern Borno State of Nigeria.

It is told that its revolution in the African nation is thought to have killed thousands of civilians, and left more than 2.4 million displaced since 2009, he further said that all eliminated militants are reported to infiltrate Diffa region on the north-eastern border of Nigeria.

Boko Haram is Nigerian main area which was under militants since last year but now due to joint operation by Chad and Nigerian Forces, they recaptured again by killing more than 123 militants too during three months offensive.