Bomb Blast Damaged California Mosque, FBI Launched Probe


United States’ presidential candidate Donald Trump’s hateful statements for Muslim community have demonstrated its outcome as unknown terrorist attacked a Southern California mosque on Friday, locals informed media.


The blast occurred when about four or five people were busy in offering Friday pray nearly at afternoon inside the Islamic Society of the Coachella Valley situated in Southern California, in the result, a fire raised that damaged a large part of the holy place.

Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit told media reporters, everyone who was in mosque remained safe luckily, while the heavy fire wrapped the huge part of the holy building, while it wasn’t revealed that who attacked the mosque but it said to be extremism kind act in the result of Donald Trump’s hateful statements.

After the hour of the incident, the FBI has launched its investigation and for this they are getting information to local authorities.

However, one of the FBI’s officials from Los Angeles division, Miss Laura Eimiller and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, both declared the incident as a possible arson, though no one revealed that how and who did it.

On the other hand, Riverside County Supervisor Benoit believes that an inflammable device will have raised intense fire in the building, while United States’ Rep. Raul Ruiz declared it extremism.

A latest research demonstrates, about 63 acts of anti-Muslim bigotry, harassment and vandalism since 8 December has been carried out which reported to be three-time higher last year.

It also said in the research, a large number of incidents since the group launched keeping track in 2009.

Nevertheless, the police have blocked the entrance ways to the Coachella mosque as the investigators are examining the whole location. The huge sound of blast was heard about at the time of Friday’s afternoon mosque when crowd come to offer their weekly prayer in holy place of worship.