Bombings At Kantaji Temple Wounds 10 People In Bangladesh


Bangladesh: Successive bombings at the Kantaji Temple, situated in Dinajpur region, northern Bangladesh, carried out when a huge Hindu crowd were busy in their worships, 10 people were reportedly wounded, local media reported.


Some of the onlookers told media, about three handmade bombs were hurled between huge crowd of Hindu followers who all came there to offer their prayers for the ‘Rash Mela’ early Saturday.

Mr. Ruhul Amin, Dinajpur Superintendent of Police said in their statement that the unknown attackers reached close to Rash Mela’s stage when a drama performance was being done about early hours of Saturday and thrown three handmade bombs among the crowd and left 10 people injured, while killings were not reported yet.

However, not any militant’s organization claimed for the responsibility for the Saturday bombings, while the police have reportedly taken into their custody six suspects and started investigation to find out who is behind the blasts.

The Bangladeshi authorities have been facing tension because of a series of bombings for recent months which have targeted foreigners, minority groups, and secular bloggers. According to authorities, these acts raising religious extremism which can flare up clashes between both communities in country.

If latest Bangladeshi media reports are to be believed, four of the wounded people are undergoing serious condition, while six other are normal and being treated in hospital.

One of the senior police officials, Mizanur Rahman told that the investigators are trying to find out the name that is behind the attacks and soon will arrest those terrorists.

However, two renowned Islamist organizations as Islamic State and local Islamist radical groups have take the responsibility for the previous bombings in country this year.

The government has been trying to overcome ongoing extremism but despite of it the Islamist group rising unrest in the country.