Box Office Collection Of Udta Punjab In 3 Days, Problems Faced By Udta Punjab


Udta Punjab is released now and hits the box office crazily Udta Punjab release on 17 june 2016 Saturday and its first day business was 10.05 crore.


Second day business of this film is 11.25 crore and on second day Udta Punjab shows a growth of 11.94% which is extremely amazing and respectively on Monday Udta Punjab earns 12.50 crore.

This film is really shocking the box office by earning this large amount in minutes just on opening Udta Punjab earns 33.80 crores.

This huge is might be the life earning of some films but it seems like that Udta Punjab is going break all the records and makes new standards in Bollywood.

This film is going to give tough time to its compacter. Now Bollywood have to make such great stories which will defeats the Udta Punjab.

Everyone loves this film and dying hard to see this film because it is based on current affair and there is no supernatural thing is this film makers of this film tried their level best to show the reality.

This film is based on drug abuse in Punjab India and shows proper reality that what is going in Punjab how young people becomes drug addict how drug was supplied in whole Punjab how police of Punjab is Involved in this dirty business what is their procedure to make this black business white.

This film faces a lot of difficulties before its release censer board is not giving the license to this film censer board puts a condition on this film that 89 scenes must be reduced from this film but after dialogue censer board agreed that 13 scenes must be reduced from this film but at the end high court said that only one scene should be cut and 3 scenes are rejected by the makers.

After facing all these difficulties than this film was released but when it release everyone is in love with this film because everyone loves reality.