Brazilians Protest Against Dilma Rousseff, Appoints Lula Chief of Staff Despite Under Probe


The decision of current president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff has raised so many questions in country as appointed former president of the nation Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva chief of staff in her regime as the embattled head rearranges her cabinet feeling fear or to be a part of office.


However, Rousseff’s move made shocked even angry every single citizen in country hence a large number of people took to the streets lifting up their voices against the wrong act of current president of Brazil.

Meanwhile both senior leaders have been facing massive political corruption scandal for long times, while Brazilian people have been shown huge rage over the announcement of Rousseff making Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva her chief of staff.

Other senior officials as well opposition both have explained that the current president of the nation carrying out like this acts to protect his position as leader. Brazilians took streets days after discovering accusations of political corruption on Rousseff, protesters are demanding to end the corruption if it wouldn’t the series of demonstrations will be seen across the country.

Nonetheless, two-times Workers’ Party president and former union leader is being investigated for his reported bad performance in a multi-billion-dollar scheme wherein bribes and kickbacks were paid on fat agreements at state-run oil company Petrobras.

While Brazil’s Supreme Court has attained witness from the former leader of Rousseff’s Workers’ Party in the Senate on Tuesday wherein many political figures were found guilty of in this case as well other corruption schemes even Rousseff and Lula had reportedly tried to interfere in inquiries.

On the other hand, when a recorded telephonic conversation rolled out of Rousseff and Lula then situation became worsen in the early evening in country.