Breakup Of The Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli And His Girlfriend Anushka Sharma


Break of the Indian cricketer Virat kohli and His girlfriend Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Calls Anushka Sharma the “Controlling Girlfriend” fans are disappointed by their breakup.


The year 2016 is known as the breakup year of the Bollywood Celebrities because of too much break ups early in this year. The first breakup was between the most beautiful couple of the Bollywood industry Ranbir kapoor and Katrina Kaif due to no responcde from Ranbir’s Parents.

The next one was between the Multi Talented Rizwan Akhtar and his wife Adhua , After this news of the breakup between Arbaz Khan and his wife Malaika Arora Khan is also coming due to particular interest of Malaika Arora in a Business man.

Instead all of this, a new break up is reported. Yes we are talking about the Cricketer Virat kohli and Anushka Sharma Break up, which is just near to the Valentine’s Day.


It is officially announced by both of Virat and Anushka Sharma, the coupled is dating for more than two years but Virat Kohli hardly to give so much time to Anushka Sharma due to busy in his tours and IPl.

But it is also news that Kohli has told in the Angad Bedi’s birthday party that he is single which proves that there is something wrong and misunderstandings between them and asked people that she is just “Controlling girlfriend” for him. But there is no confirmation from the Anushka Sharma because she is busy in his new movie Sultan Against Salman Khan.


It seems that the relationship is very strong and solid that the marriage is the only way to separate them and Virat is now talking about Anushka with his friends but Anushka has not discussed about virat and his Relationship with her friends and on social media. What is the future of their Relationship, it is Still to wait for upcoming news…