British Man Arrested Trying To Kill Donald Trump At Las Vegas Rally


A man arrested in promotion rally of Donald J. Trump in Las Vegas on Saturday. In initial investigation this arrested victim told the authorities in United States District court in Nevada that he joined this rally just to kill Donald J. Trump.


This arrested victim’s name is Michael Steven Sandford he is of 20 years. He was arrested in such a way that he is trying to get a gun from one of the police officers’ holster.

He said that I am thinking that if I pull out the gun from the police officer’s holster so that police officer cannot judges that someone pulls his gun out from his holster in this huge crowd.

Further he told to the authorities that first he strongly examine all the police officers and their holsters than he founds that the holster of this police officer is unlocked and I can easily get that gun out from the holster without knowing him.

But the plain did not work and he was arrested. Michael Steven Sandford also told to the authorities that he don’t belong to Las Vegas he is from California and specially came here just to kill Mr. Donald J. Trump.

While talking about his gun robbery which he is trying to do, Michael Steven Sandford includes that before coming in this rally few days later he went into a gun shop and there he conduct classes that how to use gun and how to target your prey.

This is Michael Steven Sandford life’s first experience when he was trying to trying to shoot a person, he specially conduct classes just to make sure that he can’t miss his target.

Further he describes that how he reaches to Las Vegas after facing a lot of difficulties and he is planning this to shoot Donald j. Trump from last year.