Brussels Airport, Metro Station Explosions Kill about 13, Dozens Wounded


Multiple explosions have hit the Brussels Zaventem airport also shortly before another blast strikes central metro station, in the result more than 13 people have killed as well dozens wounded, medical officials reported media.


According to local media, after some time of the airport explosions on early hours Tuesday, another blast was reported at a metro station in the center of the Belgian capital, located near European Union institutions.

However, we also learnt about other attacks at other metro stations from international news sources which need to confirm yet, while video from the airport, demonstrating how people are running from the terminal building, clouds of smoke ascending to the sky.

The sudden severest explosions caused destruction at the country’s main international airport as main parts of the building were damaged even smashed windows too.

After the attacks, authorities immediately ordered to close all metro lines, some of the onlookers told media that they have seen people coming out from the building and there was a blood on their faces.

Nevertheless, explosions hit the station when everyone was in hurry to go schools, offices, and others, although clouds of fear were seen when everyone heard huge noise of the blast as well smoke coming from building and all ran away from the location.

On other side, Interior Ministry’s announcement country’s terror alert also elevated the highest level fear among citizens, “Stay where you are”.

A suicide bomber had blown up heavy explosives at Brussels Zaventem airport, added some unknown person also shot fire before blasts, State broadcaster VRT explained.

Belgium news agencies described these explosions were occurred close to the American Airlines as when hundreds of people were checking in, though dozens of ambulances turned airport and police also sealed the area.