Brussels Bombings Probe; One Of The Men Carried Out Explosive Worked In EU Parliament


Investigation of Brussels bombings finally unveiled a person one of the men who carried out heavy explosive in air port building in Brussels, had been worked at the European Parliament as a cleaner, authorities described.


However, officials have announced his name officially Najim Laachraoui, one the persons who took explosive in halls of airport, while has been done month-long summer jobs there in 2009 and 2010, the EU Parliament told media but didn’t disclose his identity.

Charles Michel, the Belgian prime minister has secured his nation’s intelligence agencies’ approach tackling terror threats, saying Belgium has ability to fight well the militants, added, is not a ‘failed state’.

PM Charles added saying that not only single person is responsible failings or to stop the progress of terrorists before and after 22 March.

Most dangerous Islamist militant organization Islamic State had claimed responsibility for deadly bombings at Brussels Zaventem airport and metro station that left 32 people dead and dozens wounded.

However, one for the bombers in Brussels attacks, Laachraoui is already in hit list as a major suspect on the run in wake of the Paris explosions in November even indentified one of the employees in European Parliament.

On the other side, cleaning company has provided evidence that Laachraoui as cleaner had not been involved terrorism that time and had no criminal record, the EU Parliament announced in statement.

While after the deadly attacks by so-called militant group Islamic State, Brussels authorities has been resuming activities in capital’s metro and flights at airport gradually.

Belgian prime minister stated by addressing to news reporters in a conference that 30 measures were being applied in Belgium as a ban on pre-paid mobile phone cards is also one of them, continued describing returning to normal life in Brussels and in Belgium is their goal and soon fear will be vanished from brains of citizens.