Car Bomb Hit Military Convoy in Ankara, About 28 Killed, More Than 60 Wounded


A car loaded with heavy explosive hit military convoy on the road in Ankara, capital in Turkey on Wednesday evening which believed to be a terror attack, officials reported.


The heavy explosion which reported to be installed in a car attacked three military vehicles, in this incident about twenty-eight people have been killed whereas over 60 others were wounded seriously, said Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus.

In this regrettable incident, a private vehicle was also targeted alongside three military cars in capital of Turkey, so close to Turkish Parliament buildings, Ankara Governor Mehmet Kiliclar reported media, added these automobiles were stopped at a traffic light.

However, not any militant organization claimed for responsibility of an explosion so far while authorities called a bomb-loaded auto became the reason of incident.

Nonetheless, security cam eye captured the moment when a car with heavy explosive hit other automobiles, also shows how flames rises towards the night sky from the road as well the huge light grabbed everyone’s attention at the moment.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told that these kinds of terror attacks can’t hit our determination even they have strongest willpower to face the insurgency. Erdogan added that its authorities know how to use its right or power to keep its nation safe to militants.

United States Defense Secretary Ash Carter also condemned cowardly attack of terrorists which attacked innocent and sinless people as well Turkish military personnel.

The US Defense Secretary also stated that they are with its Turkish allies as the country is part of US-led campaign against terrorists from Middle East.

Militants also carried out heavy explosion in a protest in capital of Turkey previous year that caused 97 deaths as well several injuries.