Car Bomb Hits Turkey’s Ankara For Second Time In Weeks 37 Killed 70 Wounded


Ankara: Again capital of Turkey destroyed in result of car bombings near a public bus station in which almost 37 people killed on the spot and more than 70 got serious injuries and shifted to hospital for better treatment.


Foreign news portal told that female member of militant’s group occurred along with her two prepares in front of public bus station and flew away that place with harsh car bombings in result of that explosion many cars and buses damaged completely and 37 civilians departed front that life other 70 faced serious cuts on bodies.

A man at seen told that people are busy in taking their berths for returning their homes in evening but failed to reach destinations because car bombings rattled in capital of Turkey with loudly approximately 37 citizens killed and more than 70 suffered from injuries but any militant group did not take responsibility of that explosion.

Police and other security forces reached on the spot after few moments and collected first information relate to that blast and carry on further investigation for the purpose of knowing actual reason.

Recently, United States diplomatic office told about upcoming terrorism to local government but any one did not stop that activity.

Security officials claimed a young woman who joined a militant group in 2013 spotted on that bus station before commencing her target.

Last month, Turkish city Ankara vibrated with suicide attacks in which almost 32 people departed from their lives and now, 37 took final rest.

In those days, Muslim countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are facing civil war between militants and American NATO forces in which thousands people martyred but Turkey did not involve in any unlawful activity.

The best thing is that freedom fighters of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) also want to execute the peaceful Turkish environment.