Celebration Parties of Happy New Year Cancelled In Brussels, All Europe Feels Doubt of Terrorism


In many cities of Europe, security control will improved by authorities in result of Happy New Year because last year they faced terrorist attack, all big gathering terminated in Capital of Belgium named Brussels.


According to a news report, almost 1 lac people gathered in capital of Belgium for enjoy the celebration of Happy New Year after twelve months. Government also gave high security to people for complete safety of enjoyment but last year, they faced a terrorist attack.

Recently, big economy of Europe named France faced several attacks in which many people died, almost 300 got serious injuries in result of that security infrastructure increased everywhere only for peace on big event of New Year.

Few days back, France police caught two terrorists and shifted to special investigation cell. These two men were planned a big attack on night of 31 December but they failed to do that. Now a day, everyone trying to face pleasure conditions in whole country.

Approximately, 60000 policemen controlled the whole security system in France because at that place might be terrorist will made a big attack. Other famous state of Europe named Germany also tries to reduce terrorism attacks in his country.

Mayor of Paris says in media, Government needed complete safety of people of country on Happy New Year. Necessary for all participants in celebration of big event to cooperate with national police and all other security forces.

Capital of Germany named Berlin also took high security management, recently, Paris had severe attacks in which 130 people killed by terrorists and more than 300 people got serious injuries. Belgian police caught 10 men in link with previous month’s attacks and shifted to unknown investigation cell held in France.