CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg And His Wife Chan Pledge $3 Billion To Fight Against Diseases


As it is always said that CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan never dream well for themselves but they now pledge $3 Billion for research against all diseases for next 80 years in the country.


CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have pledge $3 billion for research about all diseases in their country for next 80 years, they wanted to wipe out all diseases from the country, they asked that this is matter of future of their daughter and all children in the region.

So Zuckerberg said in post on Facebook that it will matter of great pleasure for him that they will vanished all diseases from country in childhood of his children.

Then they able to do like this, he further asked that World has gained lot of advancement from last 50 years but there is lot of research required to know about all matters in human body.

So advancement in medical science nearly discover medicines of polio so this is end about in every country but there are still four diseases that are reasons of mainly deaths in the world infection diseases, citing cancer, heart diseases and neurological diseases so we have to make progress by elimination these diseases rapidly.

In their plan, there include to open bioresearch centre known as Biohub, discovering a new chip to diagnose diseases, they will donate $600 in US in next decade so they are bringing al scientists very close to work in this research centre.

Mark Zuckerberg have donated about his 99 % shares of Facebook in charity, many business, richest people including Bill Gates, Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee, Governor Gavin Newson attended this event, In the result of any tool from Biohub, work for more than 15 Laboratories around the world.