CEO Of Lloyds Banking Group Antonio Horta-Osorio Disgraced Over Affair With Wendy Piatt


The chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group Antonio Horta-Osorio admits that he feels guilty on his actions as he is totally responsible for those actions which damage the group profile and all that just because of his private life issues.


Actually CEO Antonio Horta-Osorio is suffering from 2 allegations fist one is that which he spends his quality time and money with Dr Wendy Piatt on his Singapore Trip in June and 2nd one is that he send a message to the 75,000 workers of bank in which he said these employers upgrades their standers of living.

In July Antonio Horta-Osorio went on a trip to Singapore with Dr Wendy Piatt who is the the Director General of Russell Group of United Kingdom Universities in this trip the The chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group spends 5,200 dollars.

during his stay in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel of Singapore and this amount includes the prices of treatments as well as the luxury spas taken by these two.

Further this 52 years old man mention in his letter that, “It has detracted from the great work which you do for our customers on a daily basis and from the major accomplishments of the past five years.
This includes the Government shareholding having reduced from over 40% to around 9% with over £16 billion plus dividends having been returned to taxpayers”.

The basic purpose of adding this portion and figures is that CEO has a threat that he will be removed from his seat on the other side he said that it is great responsibility to run this such huge group and make sure that economy was increasing.

Further he also mentions that nobody has any right to interfere in his personal life and he agreed that the demand of improving standers will affect the bank policies and economy.