China’s Internet & Coverage Media Hiding The Name Of President Xi Jinping Included In Panama Document


Panama Paper Revealed the names of Powerful persons who Offshore the assets Including the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin including Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Panama Paper Scandal reveals many authorities name world over including Chinese President of People Republic of Chine Xi Jinping name is missing on Chinese internet as well as the media coverage of Chine.

Panama leaks document from Panama Based law firm of Offshore wealth in which the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping is present but when the searches made with phrase of Panama document, the content of the article unable to open today.

If the related search article tried to view the, the document have not included any one from China although the post included the Name of Barcelona’s Footballer Lionel Messi and some other from the whole globe, mean while the Global Times published the newspaper column in which the paper said some “Powerful Forces” is behind the Panama law tax Firm paper released.

It is also be said that these forces targets their opponents, if true then it will considered that they have some kind of revenge mainly with the Russian President Vladimir Putin with his more associates.

State media are ignoring reports on the revelations. Search results of websites and social media for the words “Panama documents” were blocked Tuesday.

The ICIJ said the Mossack Fonseca is the person who arranged the offshore companies for the relatives from which there are eight people including names of Current authorities as well as Communist Party’s Politburo Standing committee members in china with the name mentioned of Xi’s brother in law.

According to report of Zhang, the reaction of the Chinese government is usual that they ordered to block the news from spreading.