Chinese Man Allegedly Accused To Be The Killer Of 19 People Including 3 Children


Chinese Police has arrested a man who has been suspected to be the killer of 19 people in a rural village however; the very sad news is there included three children as well that becomes the target of bully killer.


A man suspected to be the murderer of the 19 people in a rural village in which three of them was youngest children, the name of the killer mentioned as Yang Qingpei and reportedly arrested in a mountainous south western village, Kunming which is the capital of Yunnan Province.

The Chinese people reported the man name as Yang Qinpei accused to carry out brutal killing of 19 victims in mountainous south western village in which three younger children was reported.

The 27-years old suspected killed is committed horrific murders in another city Yema, near the border with Myanmar, the killer not even show little bit mercy to just three years old children.

Chinese police arrested the accused killer near from the Capital of Yunnan province from a place Kunming that is 124 miles far away from the crime scene.

The Chinese official news agency Xinhua said the suspected killer killed 19 people of six families however the Chinese news agency has not revealed the motive of killing and how he had carried out these murders.

However another news agency New York Times has reported Xinhua has revealed more detail about the murderer who believed to be the worker in Kunming was returned to his home and asked parents for money that become raise the doubt of killings.

Police and New York Times has revealed the Yang was the native of the Kunming and worked, the former class fellow of Yang has reported he had racked a huge number of gambling debts during his working in Kunming.