Chris Brown Harass and Threatened her Tour Manager in Drug Fueled Condition


Christopher Maurice who is famous as Chris Brown in front of the world is born on May 5 1989 he is an America singer song writer dancer as well as actor from his teen age he takes parks in may local talent shows.


just to show the word this kid got some guts as Chris Brown’s struggles continue than Jive Records sign’s Chris Brown in 2004 from there got some name and presents his talent to entertain the world.

As this is the bright sight of Chris Brown’s personality that he is one of the world famous singers every second person is familiar with Chris Brown’s name and public loves his songs the most.

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But the dark side of Chris Brown personality is that he is a total Drug addicted personality he beats people in public as well as his producers and mangers don’t wants to travel with him.

Recently Chris Brown set on his tour with her manager Nancy Ghosh in his tour van and as per routine Chris Brown is fully fueled with drugs which makes him unleash and aggressive same thing happens this time as Nancy Ghosh and Chris Brown both are alone in the tour van during Chris Brown’s European Trek.

Chris Brown had a deep crush on her tour manager Nancy Ghosh and Chris Brown is also dully loaded with drugs which are him out of control and he started harassing Nancy Ghosh and both have very fearful arguments after these arguments Nancy Ghosh leaves the van to save her life as things are getting bad in that van.

Nancy Ghosh sends an e-mail to the whole team of Chris brown that how she feels in that Van and type of behavior is attempted by Chris Brown for her.