Chucky 7’ Happening Soon? ‘Child’s Play’ Filmmaker Don Mancini Teases Chucky’s Bloody Comeback


Demonic Doll Chusky is also making new Sequel of this series who started his kill in year 1988 is now making his comeback in new movie ‘Chusky 7’ a Child’s play horror movie will follow its last installment.


The upcoming movie is sequel of series Demonic Doll Cusky, Which started killing debut in year 1988, it is officially announcement by management of his return in its 7th installment and hope that killer doll will make a much bigger impact as horror Doll in ‘Chusky 7’.

The writer of all six additions and director of last two installments Mancini said that horror Doll Chusky is coming soon and movie will be shooting may be in South Africa. Director also tweeted about new sequel in September last year.

The franchise of sequel of this movie has dubbed as this part ‘Chusky 7’ and this part will also follow its Sixth Installment whose name was ‘Curse of Chusky’ release in 2013. In this part killer doll will have to settle with old enemies with help of his former wife in 7th part.

Cast of Chusky 7 consist of as for “Chucky 7” cast, rumors have it Summer Howell (Alice), that Fiona Dolurif (Nica Pierce), Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany) and, of course, Brad Dourif (Chucky) are coming back for this sequel.

Danielle Bisutti (Barbara Pierce), Chantal Quesnelle (Sarah), Brennan Elliott (Ian), Maitland McConnell (Jill), A Martinez (Father Frank) are also reportedly joining the cast.

Director and writer of movie said that people don’t want to see that movie of this series in which doll is not involved, he also stated that he has tried to work with in deep of this story with Chusky’s children, Glen and Glenda in upcoming part as both are minor characters but he wanted to something big by them so I think a lot about them.