Clash of Clans March Update 2016 Comes with a New Dark Elixir Troop as well New Features


If latest reports have truth, the Helsinki, Finland based game developer Supercell has declared the release of ‪Clash Royale scheduled to be in this March, while also revealed Clash of Clans March update to come with a new Dark Elixir troop alongside some new features for Town Hall 10.


Nonetheless, a freemium mobile MMO strategy video game had welcomed a huge update in December previous year and another update said to be smaller in January 2016.

Now, the Clash of Clans is on its way to hit your devices alongside a massive update believes to be before April, while it is stated to be that video game developer Supercell has been working hard to finalize the update as soon as possible.

Supercell has been planning for months to add some new features as well new troops especially for Town Hall 10, had been started actions on this project weeks ago. Now it would be possible for TH10 players attacking other higher level players, balance gameplay against Town Hall11 and the third hero.

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When it comes to talk about reports on the Clash of Clans forum, the game developers has removed the Dark Elixir unit from Clash Royale though game players discovered an evidence of a new troop titled an Ice Mage.

After receiving the new huge update for Clash of Clans, users will surely be enjoying new Dark Elixir troop which could freeze buildings.

Nevertheless, Supercell said in statement that upcoming Dark Elixir troop would be part be of Town Hall 10 and above. Furthermore, the developers have added further new spells that could be for TH 10, while additional spots in the Dark Spell Factory were already presented in the game.

Latest reports assure, Supercell has determined to roll out ‪’Clash Royale’ all over the world in this March.