Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma: John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha Promoting upcoming Movie “Force 2”


The Kapil Sharma Show caught the cusp of fame as the show always welcome every star either he was a cricketer or linked with Bollywood industry this time is for “Force 2”, John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha caught there for promoting their next upcoming flick.


The gorgeous Bollywood diva Sonakshi Sinha and handsome hunk John Abraham was seen onscreen on India’s highest rating or record breaking show titled “Comedy Nights with Kapil”, the show rating is another thing but the show host is touching the cusp of fame by introducing ever kind of super star either he was a cricketer or a Bollywood star.

The gorgeous diva Sonakshi Sinha and handsome hunk John Abraham has caught onscreen on The Kapil Sharma show which is breaking all the records, the best thing for audience is Kapil Sharma invited even third class audience on his show to interact with their superstar live.

The advantage for Bollywood each and every star is that he can come after shooting their film for promotion.

The show is full laughter as the sense of humor of Kapil Sharma is same; Bollywood celebrities will enjoy the onscreen laughter as well with the promotion of their flick.

This time is for “Force 2” promotion, Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham and stunning lady Sonakshi Sinha appeared on “Comedy Night with Kapil Sharma” to promote their forthcoming movie.

Kapil Sharma is in news for several reason firstly, Kapil Sharma alleged for illegal construction which was carried out at his office and residence.

The second one is full of sorrow that the former Cricketer and Politician Navjot Singh Sidhu quit The Kapil Sharma show because he has to focus on Punjabi politics instead of attending the show.