Cyanide Coffee Murder: Indonesian Prosecutors Call For 20-Years Jail Term For Jessica Kumala Wongso


The alleged murdered Jessica Kumala Wongso suspected to be the killer of her female friend Wayan Mirna Salihin with mixed Cyanide coffee, the Indonesian prosecutors has demanded for 20-years jail term.


The Indonesian prosecutors has called for 20-years jail term on 5 October as Jessica Kumala Wongso was accused for her female friend murder in January at a Jakarta coffee shop.

The post mortem reports has revealed the victim (Wayan Mirna Salihin) was dead because she drunk an iced coffee which laced with cyanide, the acid cyanide is the murder weapon in the case.

The Australian permanent resident Jessica Kumala Wongso allegedly considered the murderer of her own friend but Jessica Kumala Wongso has completely rejected the prosecutors’ allegation, the prosecutor has also demanded 20-years jail term for killing the female friend on Wednesday.

Wayan Mirna Salihin, who collapsed and died by drinking iced coffee laced with cyanide acid was recently get married.

The act is cruel as the cyanide has not instantly end up the victim’s life but it tortured her friend till end.

The defendant allegedly murdered her own female friend at an upmarket Jakarta Coffee house, so the prosecutors have requested to send her to jail for 20 year.

While Jessica Kumala Wongso has denied the allegations of prosecutor because she was her best friend as well as she was also the class mate at Sydney Design School Billy Blue.

Prosecutor spoke out, she met with the former designer at the Oliver Restaurant in Jakarta, and there she ordered one cold Vietnamese coffee and sazerac cocktail.

before Salihin joined her Kumala allegedly slipped cyanide in her coffee. When Salihin tasted the coffee she said this is awful and bad, after this she rushed to hospital but dead on way.