Cyclone Roanu Hits Bangladesh 24 People Were Killed 100 Injured


24 people are dead more than 100 people are injured due to Cyclone Roanu destruction 500,000 people evacuated the destroyed region.


Cyclone Roanu hits the southern part of Bangladesh this cyclone become a reason of massive destruction in the southern region, in the result of rain and landscapes due to the cyclone 24 people were killed and more than 100 people were injured badly.

due all this destruction the means of communications were affected badly and those people who were stuck in the destroyed region are trying their best to communicate with others but they are all unable to communicate with their love once.

All the response forces come in action and the defense forces of Bangladesh to help the people to evacuate the affective region and their operation was going successfully and more than 500,000 residents evacuated the region successfully, some of the people are misplace and some of them are drowned into the water and the forces are trying their best to find the dead bodies.

Due to flood the government of Bangladesh close the sea port including all other ports, the road communication was also affected badly because three tress were uprooted from the ground and block the highway of Bangladesh.

According to Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhary , minister of the disaster management and relief, said that, the southern portion of Bangladesh is the worst victim of cyclone in the region more than 4,000 cyclones have came here, and this cyclone hits the coastline at the speed of 88 kilometer per hour and killed 12 peoples on different ports.