Daniel Radcliffe Going To Play Bad Guy Role In Now You See Me 2


Now Daniel Radcliffe is doing a role in upcoming film Now You See Me 2 he was prepared to play his role in Now You See Me 2 and his role in the film was of bratty tech-whiz Walter Mabry.

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The most amazing fact in the film was that Daniel Radcliffe was the classmate of other 4 magicians and this is the most amazing twist in the film.

Daniel Radcliffe is famous all over the world as Harry Potter. He that guy who performed the character of harry potter in 8 films. Harry potter is the famous novel series all over the world.

In shooting of the magical scenes there is nothing new for Daniel Radcliffe because he was doing these magical scenes since his childhood hanging with ropes, flying in the sky, vanish in front of a crowd by various means etc are all similar things for Daniel Radcliff.

Daniel Radcliffe said on US Today about her role of that, “Our private schools produce a lot of perfectly nice, very good people, but they do occasionally produce people whose sense of entitlement and arrogance is breathtaking,”

Working of Daniel Radcliffe with Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson is a golden opportunity when he work with these amazing actors of the world he was able to got an experience of century.

The basic plot of Now You See Me 2 was that the 4 magicians are back and they again stared their show similarly the FBI agent was after them at that moment during the show the show was hi jacked and a warning was given to these 4 magicians than Daniel Radcliffe was appeared to help these 4 magicians and then suspense continues.