David Cameron Resign From Prime Minister, Theresa May Holds Charge As Prime Minister


British Prime Minister David Cameron resigns from the post of British Prime Minister and now Theresa May is appointed as the new Prime Minister of Britain most interesting fact about Theresa May is that she is the second female Prime Minister of Britain.


British Prime Minister David Cameron officially resigned from the post of British Prime Minister on Wednesday David Cameron is planning for resign from few days later and David Cameron is fully mentally prepared that now he is not going to serve Britain as Prime Minister.

Few days later David Cameron left the Prime Minister House at Dean Downing Street when he was asked about that why he is leaving the Dean Downing Street’s Prime Minister House at that time he did not told the press that what is going on in his mind.

There are very strong rumors that David Cameron is going to leave the seat of Prime Minister but on Wednesday he officially announced that now he is no more the Prime Minister of Britain in his Last press conference at front of the Prime Minister House in Dean Downing Street huge amount of his fans came there to see him off.

At the conference of David Cameron in Dean Downing Street there are no signs of stress fear and sadness on David’s face he is very happy and fully confident at the moment he said that he is very lucky that he serves Britain as Prime Minister of 6 years and also serve his political party for 11 years but now it’s time to say good bye.

During this conference David said that his wish to see Britain happy healthy and wealthy he also said that Britain is now separated from European Union but Britain has to be in close relationship with European Union.