Day 55: Kashmir Continues To Witness Rallies, Clashes And Curfew


Srinagar: 55 days have been passed and till now the situation of Jannat Nazeer is critical and people are spending their lives under the curfew imposed on them from the Indian Military Forces.


On 9 July 2016 the leader and the face of freedom movement of Kashmir Burhan Wani was murdered by the soldiers of Indian Military force in the result of this murder all the people of Jammu and Kashmir gathered against the Indian Army that why they killed a peace loving man.

The of this murder was that the public of Kashmir comes on the road and protest against the Indian armed forces in result of this protest Indian Army tried to handle this whole situation but failed badly so they destroyed the parliament and apply curfew.

From last 55 days the people of Kashmir are spending their lives under the curfew and day by day the survival of Kashmir people become difficult as there is now proper supply of food and medicines there are many people which are spending their lives by eating only one time in a day as they have now no proper source of earning and getting food.

During the era of curfew 40 people have lost their lives in clashes between public and Indian Army and may injured are not recovering their injuries as there is no proper supply of medicine on the other side the armed forces are showing no mercy and the also use pallet guns on the public in the result of these pallet gun shots around 800 people have lost their eyes.

Now the leaders of Freedom Moment called out the people to join the freedom rally which will start on 2 September after the Holy Prayer of Friday and people from different Mosques join the rally.