Deadly Suicide Bomb Attack in Kabul, Afghanistan 28 killed 329 injured


In a huge explosion of deadly attack in the center of Afghanistan capital city Kabul according to the officials there were 28 people killed in blast while at least 329 people who were injured in deadly explosion.


In Capital of Afghanistan, a suicide attacker detonated a vehicle in the center of the Capital Kabul however the Interior Ministry Officer Sediq Sediqqi said in a statement that a suicide bomber attacked the detonated vehicle, the condition of Kabul is very bad now because the gunfight still going on.

However the spokesman of Taliban group confirmed the blast that the attack carried out by Taliban, a week ago it was said that it was launching ‘Spring offensive’ warned by ‘large-scale attacks’.

On Tuesday morning, this blast is carried out in Pul-e-Mahmud, a bust congested area where number of homes, schools and mosques that are close to the Defense, Ministry and military compounds.

The explosion shattered the windows of buildings in 1 km area, about this explosion a police officer quoted that it was most powerful blast he ever heard, he could not see or hear after around 20 minutes of the powerful blast.

It is reported that soldiers and security officer are included in causalities but the majority of the causalities are civilians, this blast seems to be an initial blast of Taliban combatant to enter in the area of Kabul.

However the scene of blast complete surrounded by Afghan security forces, the Presidential Palace far only few hundred meters from the blast location.