Democratic Leader Hilary Clinton Plans To Stop ISIS By Killing LEADER Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi


New nominated President has planed or vowed to launch a hunt to capture and kill the leader of Islamic States Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi as White House is fully confident to capture if she became the president of United States.


According to the reports that White House is so much hopeful for Democratic leader Hilary Clinton to capture ISIS leader Abu BAkr Baghdadi if she became the president of United States after election in next month so she is planning to use significant resources to track down terrorist organization Daesh which are possible to be present in Mosul in Northern Iraq.

So the former Secretary of the state has much improved the intelligence agencies of country at top level of her manifesto so after sometime the nominee leader asked what she will do after her confirmation on the seat of President of the country.

This statement came a day before the first key presidential debate and also after the two major attacks in two different cities of the country New York and New Jersey as a result they have also arrested the suspected bomb attacker for the following attacks named as Amhed Rahami.

She plans to use Intelligence Surge in order to kill and fight against ISIS so according to analysts that after this statement her support will be stronger than that of before in her country.

So according to the senior adviser of Hilary Clinton she really would put her major focus on this operation because it is in her top priority to find and kill the leader of ISIS.

But she also asked that it is not much easy to fight or find against them therefore top level security forces required, in her other interview she also said that she would like to see European countries investing much more on the defense and securities of their country.