Differences Between Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War


World’s most-awaited American superhero based Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has been released initially in Los Angeles theaters on 20 March, 2016. However, Marvel Studios’ same genre flick scheduled to be released on 28 April, 2016but first in Portugal.


Nevertheless both films’ productions has been carrying out hard struggles to publicize the installments of their American superhero based franchise hope to rock at box-office after release worldwide.

But what things those differentiate these biggest releases from the many other same genre based ventures presently being produced?

After watching the trailer of DC Entertainment action-thriller venture we learnt the film has dark and extremely gritty tone which makes it different than other super hero based movies.

The cinematography appears to be was carried out using gray scale while the different kind of theme regarding its dark tone may impress the audience. The audience will be enjoying deadliest battle among super natural powers as well unexpected destruction to save the world.

On other side, Marvel production distinguishes its franchise adding lighter fare though it doesn’t mean Marvel’s movies can’t be extremely dark. However, a range of comedy elements among super heroes, make people happy in theaters. Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr. ‘Civil War’ appears to be having a darker theme as compared to previous movies though the Marvel heroes will also be back with nonstop funny elements.

DC Entertainment and Marvel production both features super hero based films those fight against devils who try to destroy the world, while Marvel separates the Avengers, excluding Thor and the Hulk, into teams of heroes ready to challenge.

One of the most-awaited franchises ‘Civil War’ shows how Captain America and Iron Man both facing enemies even joking, conflicting each other.