Disney Actress Zendaya Going To Play Role Of Mary Jane In Spider-Man Homecoming


Now the next sequel of Spider-Man is on the line and this part is coming with a lot of changes one of the biggest changes is that this time the Role of Mary Jane is now played by the Disney actress Zendaya.


Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman who is famous as Zendaya is chosen by the team of Spider-Man to act in the upcoming sequel of Spider-Man which is Spider-Man Homecoming in this sequel this 19 years old actress is now going to play the famous role of Mary Jane.

According to the previous series of Marvel greatest hits Spider-Man Mary Jane is that girls which is loved by Peter Parker but he is unable to confess that he is in love with Mary Jane as both are class fellows and Mary Jane is girlfriend of one of the Peter’s friend.


In short this after the role of Spider-Man or Peter Parker the role of Mary Jane is very important and high profile role and in the upcoming sequel of Spider-Man which is Spider-Man Homecoming Zendaya going to play this role as the role of Mary Jane is played by Kirsten Dunst in 2002 when the first Spider-Man was released.

Along with this Color actress Laura Harrier is going to play the role of Liz Allan she is another class fellow of Peter Parker and Peter is mad for her he tries different thing and shows potential to pass through any hurdle just to win the heart of this lovely lady.


In Spider-Man Homecoming Robert Downey Jr. is the part of leading cast and it is an idea that this upcoming movie is going to be related Capitan America: Civil War as Spider-Man was seen in this Marvel film fight along Iron Man.

Release Date of Spider-Man Homecoming is 7 July 2017.